In an economy where every nickel, dime and dollar counts we wanted to see just how far we could stretch our dollar and how much fun we could have with a limited budget. The tire that came to mind was one of our most affordable, all-terrain, OE replacement ATV/UTV tires. The Trailfinder All Terrain was designed to be a tire that’s durable, affordable and can get the job done.

With this in mind we wanted to see what it could do. We loaded up a custom Yamaha Rhino with a set of Trailfinder All Terrains and headed to Moab Utah for some fun. For our test we used a set of 26x9-12 Trailfinder All Terrains mounted on a set of great looking 12x8 Vision Lock Out wheels. The Trailfinder All Terrain comes in all the standard 12 and 14 inch sizes and is 6-ply rated. It is a directional tire with V shaped tread pattern along with aggressive shoulder blocks on the edge of the tire to help deliver good traction in all conditions. In addition, it has built in rim guards on both the outside and inside beads to help protect our aftermarket wheels. This is an excellent feature to have, especially at this price point.

Here’s how it looks. (Pretty sharp if you ask me.)

On the way to the trailhead we hit a short section of pavement. Now, street riding is not something we normally get to experience with our ATV’s and UTVs. Since we did, it’s worth noting that we were pretty surprised at how smooth and quiet these tires are. Most people won’t care if their ATV/UTV tires are quiet or not but we really expected them to be louder. We have experienced plenty of full size truck tires that are louder.

A short distance in, and the trail quickly became light sand, as it did our skinny pedal shot to the floor. This is where the fun began. This sandy section wasn’t too deep but it had just enough sand for us to kick our Rhino from side to side as the trail made a number of banked S-turns. Our smiles grew wider after each pass and our confidence behind the wheel grew more and more daring as we pushed our comforts of speed. The sand in this area wasn’t as deep as the sand that you would find at the dunes but our tires did a solid job carving through the corners and directing us where we wanted to go. We had a blast doing it as well.

After we kicked the sand out of our pant legs we headed further down the trail to find some slickrock. Slickrock is basically large, smooth swaths of rock that are typically sandstone. There are many miles of slickrock trails in Moab and despite its name, it is not actually slick. It provides excellent traction under most circumstances. The key to conquering slickrock is having a good contact patch, the correct pressure in your tires and the ability to maintain your vehicle’s balance. Many of the slickrock trails in Moab have steep off camber hills that can be tricky to navigate going up and going down.

As we hit the slickrock we quickly realized we had a ton of traction. The Trailfinder All Terrain stuck to the rock like a gecko holding us firm even in off camber situations where we were white knuckling the steering wheel and grab handles. “Oh man” came out of our mouth a few times as we lifted a front tire or carried a rear tire over the uneven hard terrain. The overall contact patch gave us, again, a solid footprint while the 6 ply rated carcass helped keep our rhino stable. I like slick rock and the “oh man” effect it often provides but my biggest smiles usually come after the color has returned to my knuckles.

After hitting the slickrock, we found a few areas that had a mixture of rocks, dirt and sand. Blasting though this type of terrain can really beat up your machine and your tires so we took it a little easy here. We had only a little slippage, didn’t kick up too many rocks and the tires pulled us through this section of the trail without any issues.

As our time for testing was growing short we came upon a steep rocky hill climb. With our confidence steady, we powered on and took a line not too difficult but not too easy either. Our Trailfinders bit hard and clawed for traction. With all 4 tires working and our Rhino grunting we crawled our way up and over our last hill for the day.

Final thoughts

After the days ride we inspected our tires and wheels for trail damage. Our tires still looked great without any major cuts or chunking and our wheels, despite being dirty, were good as new.

We had a blast testing the Trailfinder All Terrain for the day. As a solid OE replacement tire with some nice features this tire will allow you to have tons of fun on all types of terrain without costing an arm and a leg.

Here is the link to a short video we put together:

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Don McNeilly
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