A couple of friends in side by sides joined me on my quad for a fun filled ride in the rain a while back. It was an extremely rainy day especially in the morning.

I had planned to take them to see an old mining operation but when we arrived all of the old mining equipment had been cleaned up. We decided to explore some new areas and headed north. Eventually I found a great new (to me) trail that headed further north toward the Bradshaw mountains. As we climbed up into the mountains we could hardly see because the clouds closed in on us.

About 3 hours into our ride we came across a large mining operation but there was no getting into this one. The entrance was gated and locked.

Just past the mine I realized we were near the town of Black Canyon City. Since we were all wet and cold we drove into town for a bite to eat at Bylers Amish Café. The hot coffee and homemade chilly really hit the spot for me.

Back on the road we found a trail headed south of town that would make our trip a loop so we took it. It was a much shorter and easier trail than the one that led us to Black Canyon City but we were all Ok with that as there would still be some cool things to see.

As we got back close to our staging area the rain finally let up some so we decided to take one of the trails that is in a normally dry wash to have some fun.

These washes can be a lot of fun but you have to watch out they can have some unexpected deep spots.

Here is the Can-Am Commander nailing it to get out.

Even though he just watched Joe struggle Jim jumped at the chance to ride through the same spot. His poor Polaris RZR S looked more like a submarine than a side by side.

Jim makes it as well laughing all the way.

The further south we went, the more side washes emptied into it and the deeper the water became.

Finally, it was too deep for us to continue.

At this point we turned around and headed back to the trucks to put our waterlogged machines back on the trailers.

What an awesome ride. It was wet and cold but for me that just makes it an even better adventure. I live in the desert so when it rains, I'm dieing to go out and play in it.

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Don McNeilly
Discount Tire