It was another fantastic adventure. There were five of us that made this trip; Mike in his RZR 900S, his friend Noa on Mike's Sportsman 850 XP, Katt and Rachael in their RZR 900 XP and me in my Wildcat 1000X.

The day started out with an amazing cloud formation at the staging area located near Cherry, AZ. There were several rainbows along the way as we made our way from the staging area and over and around the colorful Mingus mountains to the town of Jerome.

The weather was awesome! The heat has finally turned to our fantastic Arizona fall riding season. The weather called for rain most of the day but we skirted around most of it, although, we got pounded at times and there was a lot of standing water on the trail which made for a muddy ride.

Our timing was good as we went from desert to forest and back several times. The colors of the changing leafs is always a magical sight to witness.

The town of Jerome was full to capacity with cars everywhere. Luckily, we found a place to park and had a terrific lunch at the Haunted Hamburger. This place is highly recommended. We even lucked out and were seated in a small room upstairs with a fantastic view of the valley floor. You can even see Sedona off in the distance.

Leaving Jerome the heavens opened up and we got dumped on for awhile. It did not dampen our spirits though and we continued on N/W of town on our quest to find Smiley Rock. We took a remote Forest Service Trail that is strewn with boulders.

I'm running 30/10R-14 Rage Thunder Tires on 14x7 5+2 Raceline Scorpion Wheels. They have handled everything I've thrown at them and I have not had to plug any of the tires yet. Riding in Arizona is not easy on tires as most of the trails are loaded with sharp rocks. This trip we had clay type mud thrown into the mix but the Rage Thunder tires had no problems finding traction, even through the high speed sections.

Mike was leading and unknowingly shot past Smiley Rock. Fortunately Katt and I spotted it.

After a brief photo stop we were back on the trail as we needed to "beat feet" to make it back to the staging area before dark.

About 6 miles from the trucks I ran out of gas. Fortunately I always carry extra with me. Within 5 miles, Katt also ran out of gas. He also carried extra.

This was great timing for a photo op; check out that beautiful sunset!

Another awesome adventure for the record books. It was a 100 mile loop from dark to dark; just the way we like it.

To view more photos from our trip to Jerome, AZ, check out the slideshow linked below:

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