1985 Shadow : Removing the Fuel Tank
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Thread: 1985 Shadow : Removing the Fuel Tank

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    1985 Shadow : Removing the Fuel Tank

    Alright, this may be a stupid question, but that fact of the matter is that I've looked around, and I can't really find much about removing the fuel tank on my 1985 VT700C Shadow. The last advice I found online and listened to spewed gas on the bike, which needless to say, I was pretty pissed off.

    I'm looking to remove the tank so that I can check the wiring underneath for bad contacts. The right turn signal wasn't working, so through checking some connections, I fixed the right front turn signal. Now the rear refuses to cooperate, so I guess I'm figuring that it's a bad connection as of right now, which is why I want to get the tank off to check the wiring underneath.

    I think that it's a bad connection because the right front blinker blinks the same speed that the left blinkers do, which usually isn't the case when a light is burnt out or missing, but I could be wrong. Does anyone think that the signal relay piece could cause the problem or what?

    Anyways, I'm not used to this bike, seeing as I just picked it up yesterday, and I already have a 1981 GS450T that I've done routine maintenance on for a while. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

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    Re: 1985 Shadow : Removing the Fuel Tank

    Not sure if it is the same as my '84 Ascot (VT500FT) but if it is... Remove the seat, there is two bolts under the side covers then lift up and back. Under the front of the seat there is a bolt holding the back of the tank down, remove it. Now is the hard part. Turn off the petcock. Remove the fuel line from the petcock. There is one more line on mine which goes to vacuum. Lifting the tank slowly until you can get your hand under it and remove the vacuum line. Then pull back slightly to pull the front bushings from the holders. Much like any bike of the era except for the vacuum line

    On mine there is a blinker relay (which is bad) and neither light blinks but both burn. Oh and the relay is stupid expensive.

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