VFX relay install
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Thread: VFX relay install

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    VFX relay install

    I just got my LED flasher relay in. My question is...do I have to take off the front fairing to install it? Or is there an easier way? I looked at the service manual, and it shows it behind the gauge cluster. Any replies are welcomed. thanks

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    Re: VFX relay install

    The relay was moved behind the left mid-fairing starting in 06. Previous to that it is where you said, behind the instrument cluster. I think the relay is actually integrated into the headlight assembly, which unfortunately means that you need to pull all the fairing off to get to it.

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    Re: VFX relay install

    just as I suspected. Thanks

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    Re: VFX relay install

    for the 954, its intergrated in the instrument cluster so you can not really get to it. Only thing possible is to splice the cables at some other place...

    Not sure if the 929 is the same.

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    Re: VFX relay install

    UPDATE: on a 00 929 you do not have to pull the fairing. You just have to pull the windscreen. Whole job took me 5 minutes total, it was that easy. The VFX is plug and play and put my flash back to normal, and then I installed my front flushmounts and it still remained normal. IMO, the relays are better than the resistors for a 929.

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