brakes lights wont work
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Thread: brakes lights wont work

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    brakes lights wont work

    front and rear brake levers dont activate the brake lights . The lights stay on all the time. Please ........any ideas???

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    Re: brakes lights wont work

    Are you positive its the brake lights and not the regular light on?

    Check the contacts on the brakes, you'll hear a click on the hand brake, but I believe its a contact sensor on the back.

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    Re: brakes lights wont work

    the normal running light works and stays on. the contact switch on the hand lever works and sends voltage to the harness in the trunk but turns the brakelight off.............the foot switch works when i ring it out but does nothing to the light voltage at all could it maybe be a resistor that the taillight has that has gone bad

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    Re: brakes lights wont work

    It sound alot like the wiring is crossed. I think the light harnesses are different,, but i would check to be sure there is no splicing going on. Has the light ever worked? If there was a previous owner maybe they put on LED lights and did a bad job pulling the aftermarkets parts prior to selling it? if one of the wires are crossed between the rear lights than something like this could happen.

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    Re: brakes lights wont work

    When i bought my 929 the same thing was happening. Took me and a friend an afternoon to figure it out. But what happened was the guy who had it before me did a 'backyard' removal of the rear turn signals and wired everything up all wrong. And i think out of despiration he just adjusted that switch by the brake pedal so that the brake lights stayed on the entire time. If you adjust that little switch, you should get the brake lights to go off and just the running lights will be on.

    Another thing, if you still have the stock brake light, make sure someone didnt replace the bulbs with ones with a single fillament. It should be a dual fillament because one stays on all the time for the running light and the other comes on for the brake (or in my case the turn signal also).

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    Re: brakes lights wont work

    Had the exact same thing happen to my 929 and turns out the brake light had been stuck on withlout me knowing and burnt out the rear connectors (where the globes plug in) a couple of new connectors and it was all good.

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