Please HELP....restarting issues!!
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Thread: Please HELP....restarting issues!!

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    Please HELP....restarting issues!!'s the problem.....I have a '04 F4i..that I bought used.
    It was missin the blinkers, both front and back and the fan wire wasn't connected....(the previous owner said he thought it was taking too long for the fan to switch on so he ran the wire straight-up the front and would ground it on the handle bar when he wanted the fan to switch on....strange!)

    Anyways, I've noticed that when I run the bike (long or short distances) and switch off....most times if I try to restart immediately it would not if the battery is dead.....but if I wait 5 to 10 min. it would start as if nothings wrong

    I did some research on this (google) and found someone with similar probs on a Harley and did some tests and found that something wasn't grounded properly......

    Is it that I'm suffering the same thing.....? and if so please guide me accordingly.....Thanks.

    PS: I'm contemplating changing all the wiring harness as the ones currently on has some cuts and joins that have me thinking thats the this a good move?

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    Re: Please HELP....restarting issues!!

    oh....I also want to mention that there seems to be a short on the left handle controls....the horn works sometime-ish when wiggle the switch a bit and the high beam does work at all......

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