MY bike wont start.
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Thread: MY bike wont start.

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    MY bike wont start.

    i have a 1992 honda CBR600 F2. i have been having some charging systems problems with it. i got my battery diagnosed as bad i didnt buy one right away i would just bump start it. one day it died so i ended up pushing it to a friends house then i just tryed to see if it would start. after pushing the start button a couple of times suprisingly it started up. so i didnt change the battery it ran fine for about a month then the other day it just died and wouldnt start back up so i got a new battery it ran for a couple days no problem then i went to start it after riding and the battery was dead. when i get on the throtle the tach needle will jump and now it just will work and then it will just drop to zero but it will still be running. i think it is my stator but im not to sure. i took it a part and it looked like the previous owners had a problem with a seperated wire on the stator so they zip tied it so it would make contact. so what do i do now i want to ride bad and all the mechanics in the area are booked till the end of july.

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    Re: MY bike wont start.

    Replace the stator.

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    Re: MY bike wont start.

    If you have a bad stator, battery or regulator it can cause the other two components to fail also.

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    kd4ysi tony

    Re: MY bike wont start.

    i would first replace the stator then if it will run and kill the batt again replace the voltage regulator but i woul,d start with the staor

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