1992 CBR600 F2 charging problems HELP PLZ!
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Thread: 1992 CBR600 F2 charging problems HELP PLZ!

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    1992 CBR600 F2 charging problems HELP PLZ!

    so i posted on here about a month ago that i was riding my bike and it just started bogging out when i would get on the throttle till finally it just shut down. i had it towed to my shop. while the bike was out of comission being repainted which worked out nice we looked into why it died. the stator was all jimmy rigged with a zip tie and i could see some burnt wires on the back side. i bought another stator put it in and a new battery then i was out riding for about 20 miles then it did the same thing bogged out then shut down, but this time i noticed my tach gauge wasnt jumping while i rode and my battery stayed charged. i let it sit for about 15 minutes it started up and i rode home no problem. it seems like when it gets hot it shuts down could it be a bad regulator/recitfier? i read that when they get hot they cause this issue?

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    Re: 1992 CBR600 F2 charging problems HELP PLZ!

    The reg/rec on these bikes are junk imho, same as the cam chain tensioner. other than that, the f2/3's are pretty solid bikes. you need to research the input voltage requirement into the reg/rec and the output. compare at idle and at high rev according to the specs in the service manual. if you do happen to ignore a faulty reg/rec, eventually your battery can boil dry, but first boil out the acid onto your bike....not pretty.

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