Integrated Tail Lights?
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Thread: Integrated Tail Lights?

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    Integrated Tail Lights?

    I have had my bike for about two months now and I absolutely cannot bear to have the stock rear license plate and tail lights anymore and I have a few questions, any advice would be appreciated.. First, do I have to buy a new rear cowl to house the integrated tail lights or can some of them simply be installed right onto the stock parts. Second, I read on a few of the websites I was browsing that they are sold as competition,show, or off road; why do they say that, I mean a turn signal and tail light is just exactly that right ? I have a 08 Cbr600rr and what integration kits would be a good idea to look into? " pictures if possible "

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    Re: Integrated Tail Lights?

    Most aftermarket lights and signals have not been through the DOT inspection process and don't carry DOT approval road use. Alot of the stuff out there is CRAP and not worth buying. The lights are too dim to see, burn out easily and LEDs can't be replaced. I wouldn't waste my money or time.

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    Re: Integrated Tail Lights?

    Anyone who has used or experience with integrated tail light, could you please give me the low down on which company is higher quality of taillights other than stock.... And can anyone help me with my questions because I am new to bike modding and I would appreciate the advice.

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    Re: Integrated Tail Lights?

    Saw ur posting on lights for ur CBR600RR 08. Checkout this site> VFX Accessories Inc. - Innovation for Sportbikes and Customs - Home AKA Dr.X Kit. These guys put over a million into the concept, application and invention of this lighting system that is second to NONE! Find out if they have it for the 08 600RR. If not, checkout and ask for Chad. These guys are the Best! Let them know what you are [email protected]@KING for! Hope tjis Helps!!!

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    Re: Integrated Tail Lights?

    I have a 929, and used the Clear Alternatives integrated tail light.
    I'm happy with the way it turned out.
    They're bright, well defiined led's.
    I had to do no mods to the bike, to use them.
    It perfectly replaced the oem tail light assembly.
    I grafted the factory ends from the factory tail lights onto the wiring, so I didn't have to modify the factory main harness.
    This is the one I have:
    Clear Alternatives: CBR929RR
    This one is for up to an 07' 600rr:
    Clear Alternatives: CBR600 / 600RR
    You may need to email them, and see if they've come out with a set for the 08's

    FWIW, I replaced the front lights, with Proton flushmounts, and am VERY happy with them...
    Very bright, optional blink patterns, including a strobing flash pattern.
    I thought about adding a set to the rear of the bike, as they definitely draw attention, when on..

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    Re: Integrated Tail Lights?

    I have proton signals and they are great. Clear Alternativer tail lights have given me, and some friends, nothing but headaches in the past.

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