Please Someone Help ME
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Thread: Please Someone Help ME

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    Please Someone Help ME

    Ok here is the situation. I bought it off of this site used. I installed the power commander and when you turn the switch and cut the fuel pump on the commander moves up and down from rich to lean and then settles on lean. When you give it throttle before starting (as recommended it does not move like it is suppose to) I reinstalled the map and it was successful and tried again and nothing so I was not sure if it would change once the bike was started. After the bike started and the rpm on the computer was reading and all data was reading it stayed on the lean side always never moved. Can someone help me at all with this I just don't have the 2 hours at labor cost that the dealership charges to install it. Plus I would like to learn it myself. If you can help I am off work tomorrow and I have a full lift and tools needed call me at 727 809 1023 if you can help I am in palm harbor Florida. It is a 2000 honda 929 fireblade. Thanks


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    Re: Please Someone Help ME

    I'd call the manufacturer.

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    kd4ysi tony

    Re: Please Someone Help ME

    it sounds like a bad commander to me but call the manfuctor like he said

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