Flush mount front indicators dramas
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Thread: Flush mount front indicators dramas

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    Flush mount front indicators dramas

    Ok i've got a 07 blade just got smoked front flush mounts for it any idea the resistor i need to use so they go the proper speed and without the resistor getting way too hot?? Or any idea's how to get them going properly????

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    Re: Flush mount front indicators dramas

    Hey Voms, had the same problem with the 954 and had to fit resistors as the flasher can is part of, and inside the speedo, tacho assembly. If the 07 blade is different, and i think it is, an outo electrician can set you straight with a flasher can to suit, other wise it's resistor fitting time. They do get hot but if you get a larger set they don't get hot enough to do any damage I found.

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    Re: Flush mount front indicators dramas

    Hey Voms, you are lucky. The flasher relay on the 07 is behind the left mid fairing. Replace the factory relay with the unit from VFX. Here is the link VFX Accessories Inc. - Innovation for Sportbikes and Customs - Flasher Relay. $15 plus shipping. With this unit you will not need to add resistors to make the flush mounts or an integrated tail light flash at the proper rate. I have attached a picture showing the location of the flasher unit. Good luck.
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    Re: Flush mount front indicators dramas

    Thanks heaps guys i'll give it a go and see what happens

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    Re: Flush mount front indicators dramas

    Hey Segiano i've looked it up on an Aus site and i think it'll be a worker. I'll let you know how it goes thanks again!
    Might put a few pics up once i'm done

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