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Thread: Radar Detectors

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    Re: Radar Detectors

    Valentine 1 is good were it legal. Here in Canada Ontario detectors are ilegal so i had to go with Bel STI. Performance is the same as Valentine in some parts even beter and it not detectable with RDD.

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    Re: Radar Detectors

    For me, the V1 is not a good option. Most of my driving is more in town and on the loop that goes around town. The V1 would drive me bonkers as many false readings as it gives. ESPECIALLY if I had it mounted to the bike. That would be way too distracting. The Escort 8500 X50 is much better solution for both my driving and motorcycles in my opinion.
    Now, if I were out more in a rural area where the thing wouldn't false so much, then I might change my tune. And xdx is right. The STI is the best detector for places where they are not legal as they don't leak like many other detectors do making them tougher to find with a RDD.

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    Re: Radar Detectors

    Here's the mount I think I'm going with...

    High Gear Motorcycle Mounts

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    Re: Radar Detectors

    Have a good video here with motorcycle radar detector suggestions - Motorcycle Radar Detectors

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