This last Sunday was the first day I took out the Honda MUV for it's first patrol duty. We have been modifying the MUV to be used for snow patrol and rescue operations.
We have added a rear cage, which I called the rescue cage (sale to admin). This cage was set up to carry stokes, extra fuel and for riders in the rear to hold on to something. Added some homemade fender flares to the rear to stop all the snow from going into the bed. We added mirrors, rear back window and put on the tracks.
I attempted to load pictures to this post but was unable or do not know how, so I have loaded them to my photo gallery.

On this patrol shift I pulled out one snowmobile, who was very stuck. I was just being nice, instead of watching him dig and dig.
Then pulled out a full size chev pick up stuck in the snow on the main snowmobile route (sharing the road).

I drove about 50 plus miles. Fuel light came on as I parked it on the trailer.

So far we are very happy with Big Red "shrek"

Just wanted to add a thread talking about the working Honda's out there. I have seen or heard of any other agency using a Honda Big Red.