I just got an 84 big red. I bought it non running. I pulled the carb, rebuilt it, got it back together, got a battery in it and it started right up. I was letting it idle up to op temp and it just died. Checked an there is no spark(yes I checked the plug). I have an in-line spark tester to make sure the plug wasn't the problem. I have OHMd the stator it is 225 OHMS, I have OHMd the coils primary and secondary. primary is 0.01, secondary is 8.5k ohms.
I OHMd the pulser switch and it is 31 ohms. The stator is in spec, the pulse switch I read somewhere is supposed to be 30 +/- 10, so it's in spec. The coil is a bit out if spec, but I don't think enough to have no spark. I called a local Honda dealer and they said that the pulse switch should have extremely little to no resistance thru it. So, I'm not sure about the values of the pulser switch, The only thing I haven't checked is the CDI box because the repair manual says it takes a specific meter...which I don't have.

anyone have any suggestions on what else to try? Or can the CDI box be diag'd with a regular volt meter?