I'm posting this to help out if anyone else gets this blinking engine light code. The other day I was driving my 2012 BR and the check engine light started to blink, 1 half second blink. I went back home and checked in the manual what was the code. As it turned out it was a code for low voltage. The information in the manual called out that it had came from the MAP sensor. After I took the buggy all apart to access the MAP sensor and checked out, all of the connection were good. I tried 3 times to erase the code with my SCS connector and it still wouldn't delete. I started poking around an I found that the power point had come unplugged. I plugged it back in an I tried to delete the code again an it worked. For what ever reason this gave the same code as the MAP sensor low voltage. Just a heads up encase anybody else gets this code, check the green plug that goes to the power point and see if it is loose or unplugged, you may get lucky and save a lot of time in troubleshooting. Seanile