Took the Big Red in a hole that was to deep for a stock setup. May not have been so bad but the previous owner must have started to snorkel it because the cut a big hole in the stock snorkel that allowed the water to pour in filling the intake box, hydrolocked the motor. Drained the box & took out the plug to get the water out of the cylinder & it started fine then. We rode it a ways before giving up due to what we assumed the air filter wasn't allowing enough air. I took it home & seen the oil was also milky, so I drained it & allowed it to drain all night, changed the filter, put in new started it rode 2 miles, checked the oil again & it was milky so I drained it & have repeated about 5-6 times & still coms out milky looking & it shifts first to second great but I'm unable to get it to hit 3rd. Any ideas why it is still becoming milky & what to check on the 3rd gear. I was hoping the oil clear up that would fix the shifting issue. Thanks