my local dealership got 9 of them in. test drove one yesterday, yup its all that. my only complaint was when i stabbed it from 0 throttle there was a hesitation. most of the features of the deluxe i dont care about but boy was that ride plush. night and day to my lifted big red. so once the other models start flowing out and i get to see what their suspension feels like, i'll decide if that extra 4000 is worth it. when i say plush i mean jumped the 6" cement curb and barely felt it. another observation is that there were a lot of access panels to get to stuff. also lots of stuff everywhere, plenty of nooks and crannies to build up dirt deposits. maybe overly critical though. axle shafts are beefed up for sure, at least in the center but neck down slightly at the CV boot. saw a place cast into the plastic under the hood for what i would think could be a great place for a second battery. i think the paddle shift is a nice novelty, but probably wont be used. didnt see a major difference in sport mode. never shifted to low range, probably should have. glad the rear part of the cage unbolts, that and the nets will be first to go for me.

overall.... i think honda has been quietly taking notes and nailed it with this one. interested to see how the base model 1000 compares to the deluxe. hopefully the LED head lights are an option that can be ordered with other models. it was daytime so didnt get to try them out, but i know the polaris led headlight are awesome. always hated when riding wet muddy trails when the dirty water that splashed up on my headlights would dry up on them from the lamp heat.