power at takeoff
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Thread: power at takeoff

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    power at takeoff

    So from the beginning when i started checking these things out.... i noticed a hesitation at takeoff when mashing it (holeshot). well now that i have it and have bolted on some 29.5 ol2's, i think i understand whats going on here. to try to make their machine a little more reliable and less likely to break stuff, i believe honda took a trick from kawie and started taking some timing out of the engine at low RPM's. problem with this is that since this machine doesn't run a CVT, once you give a little gas to it, it instantly engages so you're not really able to get into the power band. I've only been out once for a decent ride and will have more feedback next weekend, but so far..... if this is what i have to look forward to. i'm taking it back... LOL

    anyone else experience this? i'll be honest, my big red seemed more capable at this point. It at least had a torque converter and could spin up some to build some power.

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    Re: power at takeoff

    Anything new to report on the holeshot?

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