It does not perform to expectations. In fact, i'd fathom to say besides a higher top speed the 700 with a programmer and exhaust will perform close. I can say this as i just sold my big red to buy this.

It is a gutless dog at low rpm/takeoff. I bought this machine for the power as we off road a lot. It really strains at low RPMS when under load. now the shifter linkage has gone out of adjustment. it skips right past neutral and i have to slap it to the bottom a few times to get it into low. I've also found that the 5-seater bed is so ornate that is holds water and dirt horribly. The doors rattle really bad. fortunately the read door bumpers are adjustable, but the fronts i had to install some rubber stick on bumpers to take up the space. i'll be dropping it off to my local dealership to figure out whats wrong. oh yea, and now the hours function on the display is showing weird alien symbols.

Maybe i'm too hard on it, but i've beat the dogpiss out of other hondas. Heck my big red i only ever snapped two axles and i put it through hell and back.