Backseat review-heat issues?
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Thread: Backseat review-heat issues?

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    Backseat review-heat issues?

    Hey guys just joined forum and I don't own any rig as of yet. I was out looking at different brands and came across the pioneer 1000-5. I want to fit at least four people and be able to hunt with it as well, but don't want the length of a ranger crew so when I saw this today it seems to be just what I want. My concern is can anyone vouch for how hot the backseat gets from engine heat? I will be carrying two kids back there and I remember my friends ranger put off a lot of heat by your legs in front cab. Just wonder if it has been an issue for anyone?

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    Re: Backseat review-heat issues?

    i hauled the neighbor's kids all day one day with no problem. the muffler is in the very back, so with heatshielding on the pipes.... i'd say you're just fine. folding seats in the bed is one of the reasons i bought it. check out my small review i did on here. i think you'll find that it is very quiet and the ride is exceptional. my only concern that would affect you would be that when the rear seats are up, you have almost no storage. they sell a bed extender.... but if you are hunting with multiple individuals and need to haul a kill back to camp.... you wont have any room.

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