Recently bought P 500 and I love it. Part of the deal was a Honda hardtop and hard coat windshield. I saw in other posts about the lack of install instructions. I did some searching and found them. No fault to the poster but the locking hardware was not the same. Mine was a cam lock system. The problem was that hardware package did not contain the proper nuts to attach the cam attachment threaded rod. It was 1/4-20 and Honda sent metric ones. Also, I purchased the proper nuts but the nesting pockets in the mounting bracket were too small ( sized for metric nuts). I ground two adjoining faces on the nuts, to fit pockets, and finished the assembly.
Because of my experience I would suggest that anyone thinking of buying Honda accessories DON'T. I bought a Honda because I like buying quality. Unfortunately, it does not apply to their "extras". I resent paying top dollar for equipment that arrives faulty out of the box.