Thoughts on the Pioneer
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Thread: Thoughts on the Pioneer

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    Thoughts on the Pioneer

    I am the owner of a 2012 BR (snorkeled and piped and one day a PC-V) and just this last week saw up close a new Pioneer. While my first impression is not good, I do understand what Honda did in redesigning there SxS. We all know the BR's are under powered (due to weight) and the greatest need for a "LOW" range (maybe one day) is greatly needed. I saw a new machine that compared to the BR was stripped of metal (frame) to lose weight. The rear-end on the pioneer's are a lot smaller and the front has lost a lot of metal plates for protection gone. The rear driveshaft is off centered when aligned to the rear-end, leading me to believe some power is lost here. It appears that the Pioneer has longer axles than the BR which would lead one to believe any aftermarket items like tires, lift or PC-V would but more stress in this area. The new design is awesome compared to the BR and the interior has changed a little. I'm going to keep my ugly, slow, under-powered, wrong geared BR for a while before I jump on the pioneer wagon. Don't get me wrong, I know its a Honda and bulletproof, but my first impression is it looks cheap, sorry.
    2012 BR Camo, 4500lb. Viper Winch,
    Hi-Flo Air Filter, Dual Batteries, Tool Box,
    Sway Bar Disconnected, Snorkeled, Honda Plastic Top, Gun Scabbard, 5 Panel Mirror, FMF PowerLine Exhaust.

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    Re: Thoughts on the Pioneer

    I am a Pioneer 700-4 owner and a previous Big Red owner. Here are a few thoughts on both machines.
    The Big Red is a very capable machine on and off road and we enjoyed it very much and put over 350 hours on it. It did everything we asked it to do and was extreamly reliable. I wish that we could have kept the Big Red and purchased the 700 too.
    We have had the 700-4 now for about 6 weeks and are really happy with it also. It too is doing everything we ask it to. It is a better machine off road than the Big Red was. The turning radius is a lot shorter. It climbs better probably because of the locked rear differential. I have yet to select 4 wheel drive even on steep loose rock trails. It seems to have an engine braking feature because I rarely need to use the brakes down hill.
    Here's some Pictures of today's ride.

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