Good day to everyone! My name is Bill with UTV Headquarters - UTV HEADQUARTERS HOME. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are now a sponsor of the Pioneer forums and very excited to be a part of an support this great forum. We have an extensive line of Honda Pioneer accessories. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us or private message me.

Today I would like to show you a couple of our windshields. The first is Honda Pioneer Dual Windshield With Hard Coat (77-6001) pictured below:

UTV Headquarters - Honda Pioneer Dual Windshield With Hard Coat

This dual windshield for the Honda Pioneer allows you to easily remove either the upper or lower section of the windshield independently. Removing the lower section will break the suction that typically brings dust into the cab area. Use the lower section alone as a half shield. This new design eliminates the need for tools when installing or removing.

  • Constructed of ultra-thick, high quality, hard coated scratch resistant ¼" Polycarbonate
  • Extremely durable - clamps are custom injection molded
  • Requires no tools to install or remove
  • Super smooth edges
  • Easy to install - NO Drilling required!
  • Fits Pioneer 700 only
    Reg. Price: $389.95
    Sale Price: $299.95
    Save: $90.00

Another great windshield is the Honda Pioneer 500 Full Venting Windshield W/Hardcoat (77-6500) pictured below:

UTV Headquarters - Honda Pioneer 500 Full Venting Windshield W/Hardcoat

  • Constructed from 1/4 inch hard coated scratch resistant polycarbonate
  • Tool-less installation and quick removal with included flip clamps
  • Features a sliding vent to allow airflow and reduce dust
  • Includes rubber gasket along the hood to provide a tight seal
    Reg. Price: $359.95
    Sale Price: $299.95
    Save: $60.00

    As and introductory offer let me extend a $25forum coupon for the 77-6500 only. Please use (coupon=HPF25)

    Have a great day!