I have a 2013 700-4 Automatic and it has performed flawlessly in the past 4 years.. I have done all services at a dealer when required and just finished my 3rd service. I use this vehicle for work around the farm. The last few months I have noticed that it has a lot of trouble up shifting from all gears. I figured the service would fix the issue and it did not. I did some trouble shooting today and it seems it shifts fine if I am ging downhill at about 1/4-1/2 throttle. If I get on flat ground I have to give it more than 50% throttle to accelerate and it wont shift. Sounds like it is hitting a rev limiter and refuses to shift until I let off the gas slow down a bit and re engage throttle at <50%. This problem presents itself in all gears... Please any info would be a GREAT help.