I have a 2011 Big Red MUV 700 I know there is a forum for these machines but no action has been on these in a while and I'm pretty sure the drivetrains are pretty similar but here's my problem the other day out of no where I noticed it wasn't shifting properly it will go all the way to the rev limiter and when you let off it hits a certain points and it shift same goes when you go from 2nd to 3rd. First thing checked the oil was a little low but still above the first line on the dipstick went ahead and added oil. Didn't fix the problem so changed the oil just to put that option behind me once again didn't work. So after researching thought maybe the TPS sensor was bad so checked it starts out at 1 volt and goes to 5v like it's suppose to. So I'm kinda stumped I don't think nothing is mechanically wrong it's like whatever tells it to shift is out of sync. Also noticed while idleing its developed a kinda skip/misfire also when you first crank it up it cuts off but then it will crank right backup and run but still have the slight skip/misfire. It runs fine but you can defiantly hear it. Anybody got any suggestions to what I got going on? It's weird this just started out of the blue ran fine one day and done this the next. Any help would be appreciated!!!