Fuel Gauge Flashing
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Thread: Fuel Gauge Flashing

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    Fuel Gauge Flashing

    Hello everyone,
    So I have a 2016 pioneer 700. I went trail riding the other day and didn’t get in any mud. Got back to the house and washed it with a water hose, not a pressure washer. Let it sit on in the sun to dry and got in it to park it in the shed and noticed the fuel gauge flashing
    E————F. Didn’t really pay much attention to it. Used it a couple more times and it still was flashing. Then it died a couple of times. So I’ve pulled the fuel pump out and the mesh filter on the fuel pump was nasty. While I had the pump out I checked ohms on the float switch. I’m up postition it reads 10.5 ohms. In the down position it reads 11.52 ohms. The float switch seems to be working. So I found a wiring schematic and found that the 2 wires for the float switch goes through the wiring harness and hooks directly into the instrument cluster. Checked continuity and ohms there and reads the same as at the pump. Give or take a milli ohms. It is looking like the gauge problem is at the instrument panel. Anybody else had this problem. All help is appreciated.

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    Re: Fuel Gauge Flashing

    I haven't had this experience but it seems like a bad connection within your instrument panel.

    Have you tried a proper fuse check? You remove each fuse one at a time then use ohmmeter to verify continuity.

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