Watched FMX in person today
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Thread: Watched FMX in person today

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    Watched FMX in person today

    All I can say is WOW! I've seen some FMX demos in the past in person but nothing like what I witnessed today. I always said if the XGames ever come down this way, I wouldn't miss it. Well, the Dew Action Sports Tour is wrapping up in town and it was just incredible. Watching Bartram and Adams go at it in person is unbelievable! Anyone who has ever thrown a leg over a dirt bike would definitely appreciate the talent these guys have.

    We're going back tomorrow night to see the BMX vert finals. Back to my roots of riding.....

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    Re: Watched FMX in person today

    Love watching that crazy stuff, but would really love to see it up close and personal. Yep, some talented, insane individuals doing that stuff.

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    Re: Watched FMX in person today

    Yeah....I love that type S#!T. Gravity games and such.

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    Re: Watched FMX in person today

    Jealous!! I would love to see a FMX comp in person. I saw a small demo with 2 guys at laguna Moto gp this year that looked pretty cool, but nothing like what you got to see.

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    Re: Watched FMX in person today

    Agreed, it's super impressive to see how these guys man handle a 200+ pound machine in the air. Gives a whole new look at what they do after riding my dirtbike and going to see them.

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    Re: Watched FMX in person today

    At a rally I attended recently, there was a trials demo, then a FMX demo. The trials rider showed amazing balance, control, and talent. The FMX guys showed amazing balance, control, talent, and HUGE BALLS. It was awesome.

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