After 6 months....
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Thread: After 6 months....

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    After 6 months....

    I finally rode the CRF on Saturday. Did a bit of desert riding with some of my trackday buddies. We didn't even know eachother rode dirt until last Thursday. One of them just bought a TTR125 for a pit bike and the other bought a YZ250 from another guy we know. We got to talking Thursday and decided we'd do a bit of riding on Saturday. Man, I didn't even ride that hard and I'm sore as hell. Felt great to get back on the CRF after so long. Haven't really ridden it since the local track closed. It's sad that my riding pants don't fit me now, not riding MX has made me fat. I hope they find a new person to run the track so it can open back up. I need to lose some weight. Both fork seals are pretty much trashed since it sat so long but I wanted to ride so bad. We're hoping to ride this weekend again. At least I can ride something while the 600RR is down and out.

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    Re: After 6 months....

    I only ride mine about once a month. Weather it's on the trail or on the track, my back still gets sore between the shoulder blades from the pounding. Once a month is all my knees and back can take honestly...

    The weather is cooling off this week so we'll be back out on the trails very soon.

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