XR400 a good deal?
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Thread: XR400 a good deal?

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    XR400 a good deal?

    Here is my situation....

    I was thinking about getting a cfr450x, but my buddy approched me with this offer. He said he would sell me his 97' XR400 to me for $2000. Its still like new, he had rarely ridden it. It still has the original tire on the back. Not sure exactly the specifics, but he added a light kit w/blinkers and brake light to it to make it street legal. The bike is VERY VERY hard to start when cold. But once warm it starts with one kick. But i just think something needs adjusting.... It is in very good shape and he has a back tire for it that he had for 2 years and never put on. I had never ridden the 450 but heard its pretty darn fast. To me the xr was always slow. The electric start on the crf450x is a real plus.

    any opinions?

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    Re: XR400 a good deal?

    2,000 isnt bad for a 97 but if he'll go $1500 definately worth it for as much as it was ridden.

    I just sold a 98 xr600r for $1100 its was ridden hard though lol

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    Re: XR400 a good deal?

    I have a '99 xr400.........which is the same as the '97 for the most part. What I like is the air cooling, no rads to break when you go down. Its also very bulletproof. The bad is no e-start. Dump it and your looking at 1/2 hr to start it again(in my case). Its heavy too. I paid $2500 in '04 and it WAS mint.

    My next bike will be a KTM exc series. I ride with one and it is sweet.

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    Re: XR400 a good deal?

    xr400's are definitely not heavy, unless your legs are a foot long. I would definitely take the deal, it is a very good bike. Also, I would recommend the xr600, it is cheaper to buy, but with more power.

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    Re: XR400 a good deal?

    the 600 is very heavy.... Look at what type of riding your doing

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