this should be of interest to any of you who run in the mud or water a lot. if so as you know brake pads just don't last. you can buy new OEM's or EBC's one and only aftermarket replacement. I think my last round of all four corners was just over $120 after shopping around online till my fingers bled.

so i've decided to go wild and see what options there are. well there are some guys over on the hi-lifter forum using brass instead of brake pad material. since the big red tops at 43mph, i don't forsee any high speed stops for any of us. from what i have been reading up they seem to stop decently just loosing a small amount of abrasive grip. i'll be ordering my bar-o-brass flat stock next paycheck. then heading over to my buddies that has mill to start cutting my first pucks.

i'll try to document the process as best as possible. fyi, you can buy stips of copper sintered brake/clutch material from mcmaster-carr. i just chose to go extreme as i get about 4-5 rides out of a set of pads.... but then my ride lives in the swamp so its just part of the gig.