reason for front axle breaking
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Thread: reason for front axle breaking

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    reason for front axle breaking

    Over time from hitting trees, ruts and the steering is jacked call the way right, and when 4wheel lock and one tire hits then its like wham the steering wheel takes off.
    I was in a hole and hit the gas in reverse and the steering wheel ..slammed o the right...I heard 4 pops. I put it in drive and the steering wheel would not turn, a friend kicked the front of the tire to the left.
    I held left pressure on the steering, it broke loose.

    After several ...all the way turning slams the turn stop in the rack breaks or something.
    I can have the steering all the way to the right now and grab the tire at 3&9 o'clock and it will go in the right turn a few more inches.

    It needs a turn stop at the hubs so it cant over steer and break outter cv's.
    Going to try too make a plate with U bolts and mount it on the upper A arm.

    I sure hope I done have to buy a new rack.

    Any body else think they have this problem. Have any solutions.

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    Re: reason for front axle breaking

    i beat the dogpiss out of mine in the mud with 29.5 outlaws and have never experienced this. i have only notice when in all-lock and turning one way it likes to hold that way. pretty much all-lock is for straight line driving. i've found once out of the thick stuff and shifting to 2wd that i just let go of the wheel and it whips around and unlocks the diff.

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