Here's the story behind the RV generator..
I bought the generator a couple months ago off Craigslist for little to nothing. The guy that owned said he couldn't get it to run. I took it home and hooked up a fairly new 12vdc battery and tried to fire it up. First thing I had to fix was the starter and after I got it to turn over, I made sure the electric fuel pump was working . Like I stated in the beginning, it was out of a RV and it has a high temp sensor, low fuel sensor, low oil sensor and it all leads back into a early 1980s busted up circuit board. The problem I'm having is it's not firing the plug! It's got the CDI Coil and what's called an exciter that I'm thinking tells the coil when to fire the plug . I'm thinking it's one of the sensors that is showing fault that is disabling the ignition. The coil has three wires and the exciter has 2. Does anyone know what the wiring is? I've searched and searched but I can't find what wires go to what. I'm reaching out because I'm afraid of hooking up something wrong and burning something up and those parts are not cheap. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

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