Skip the farm and head straight for the mud!

Weíve seen plenty of decked out, mud ready Polaris Rangers, RZRs, Can-Am Mavericks and even Yamaha Rhinos, but one platform you donít see all that often set up for serious mud slaying is the Honda Pioneer. SuperATV aims to change all that with its brand new mud killing Honda Pioneer 1000. The build features SuperATVs 6-inch lift kit which consists of heavy duty A-arms, axles and tire rods along with its GDP gear reduction, designed to help you turn bigger tires and wheels with ease. Weíve got to admit, thatís one bad looking Pioneer 1000 and we donít expect to see this one towing a trailer around the farm any time soon.

Check the video here: Not You Grandad's Pioneer: Modded Mondays -