Dirt is fun.
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Thread: Dirt is fun.

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    Dirt is fun.

    Went out today for a while with a couple buddies that just got dbs also. Took it easy breaking it in.......but dang, dirt riding is fun!!!! Can't wait to get some more riding in and get some experience...

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    Re: Dirt is fun.

    Finaly, something to do in Ridgecrest! Theres some good riding in that area around Ransburg, cal city, Jawbone canyon, Dove springs, etc.

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    Re: Dirt is fun.

    Yeah I agree dirt is fun, my buddy has a modded Honda cr250 2stroke and sometimes it almost seems like it has two much power! I can rip the throttle in any gear and have the front end come up! However, I do think getting dirt time in shows you some basic fundamentals of street riding, like hitting the the throttle and having the rear end straighten itself out! And launching is always fun in the dirt! Oh and if you've ever rode behind someone it teaches you to wear your face and eye protection in a hurry!

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    Re: Dirt is fun.

    not only fun but probably the most intense excercise you'll ever do!

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    Re: Dirt is fun.

    Hell yeah now that you have a little taste of dirt you gotta hit the tracks, now thats where the fun is, nothing like 50+ mph and 20 feet in the air!!

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    Re: Dirt is fun.

    The tracks are where it's at for sure. It's the only way you can use a motocross bike to its' full potential.

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    Re: Dirt is fun.

    ever tried desert riding? its the best! take a 100 mile trip on a weekend over open desert with washes hills and unknown obstacles at top speed and you will know the true fun of a bike.

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