A buddy of mine came over today to work on his lowboy. On it was his new 825 John Deere 4 seater. I was impressed. Has reverse lights, high and low, very unique protective bumper that protects the front/rear quarters as well. It came with front and rear receivers and had lots of storage. The rear bed can lose the sides to make a flat bed. The rear seat folds down as well for more storage. The exhaust sounds like a tuned outboard, very unique and cool sound. It comes with 27 inch bighorns on 14's. The bed has an electronic tilt as well.

The only dislikes I had was the gas tank is plastic and unprotected as well was the air intake. The rear tires catch the mud flap while in reverse. He took his farely new 500ish size John Deere to get some warranty work and came back with the bigger one. Not sure how it will do on the trails, but will see soon. If it doesnt fare well for him, there will be a Honda near by to pull him out.

We are gonna deck it out soon with LED's and other stuff.