Joining this national organization is our first step to saving our UTV sports is the world’s largest network of UTV/RUV/Side-By-Side online communities! As we all know, it seems our access to lands and trails is under fire like never before. It’s time for us to take a major step in saving our sport and keeping our trails open. It’s time for us to join and donate to our national multiple-use organization, the BlueRibbon Coalition. All of us in the family of ask you to take this step, and here’s why.

You represent the true UTV enthusiast with a passion for riding. and all our subsidiary forums provide the best way to learn, share information, discuss problems, pricing, performance tips, safety, riding events and much more. But we need trails and access in order to enjoy our sport. BlueRibbon Coalition is the place to put your money and membership to keep this form of recreation alive.

Throughout its twenty year history, the BlueRibbon Coalition has held fast to its mission to champion responsible use of public and private lands for the benefit of all recreationists. BRC works tirelessly to carry the OHV enthusiasts’ voice nationally where it is hard for the individual enthusiast to be heard on their own. And, they have the hard-fought successes to show for it.

BRC accomplishes its mission through their proven formula of working administratively, legislatively, and in the legal arena to secure, protect, and expand shared outdoor recreation access and use. Here’s what they say:

Administratively, we work with agency land managers and through agency planning processes to ensure that access for recreation is rightfully considered in the decision making process.
• Legislatively we have, and continue to develop, the necessary relationships and provide input on legislative matters and initiatives that affect your access privileges and crucial funding for recreation.
• The BlueRibbon Coalition was the first to respond to the endless stream of lawsuits brought by extremist groups seeking to limit your access. Ten years later, our legal program continues to provide unparalleled and affordable advocacy for enthusiasts at critical junctures for recreation.

Please join now or just donate to BlueRibbon Coalition. We need to build this organization into an Army with plenty of side-by-side folks in their ranks. It’s mind-boggling all the things they are doing to protect our access, and we need to help them get it done.

Greg also had this to say about BRC: “Make no mistake; your recreational access is target #1 for the well-funded anti-access special interests and their full-time lobbyists and attorneys. Given the increasing likelihood of anti-recreation litigation and legislation in the immediate future, it is essential that we keep our membership numbers strong and growing. We need to be well prepared to face the serious challenges of the next few years.”

There has never been a more important time for you to join, or rejoin and donate to the BlueRibbon Coalition and the bottom line is… they need your membership and support.

Membership in the BlueRibbon Coalition is easy and affordable. As an individual member, you get updates through your own copy of their full-color magazine 12 times a year. If your club would like to also join, club membership in BRC is only $100 annually. An individual membership is a reasonable $29 per year.

For everyone in the family, BRC offers you their Associate Membership deal which is half price for your first year. Just click this special partnership link to sign up online and put as your parent organization: Welcome - BlueRibbon Coalition.

PS. We are entering what appears to be our greatest challenges as our opponents seek to align with those in political power in 2009. Membership in the BlueRibbon must be an essential component of any public lands recreationist's budget.