St. George BLM Revising Travel Management Plan - Public Input Needed

Dear BRC Action Alert Subscriber,

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) St. George Field Office has formally kicked off the planning process that will result in a Comprehensive Travel and Transportation Management Plan. This plan will include specific route designations for motorized and mountain bike use. Meaning - if its not on the map - its closed!

The BLM will also finalize the designation of the High Desert Trail System and identify a Northern Transportation Route bringing OHV users from BLM lands to the OHV trail systems on the Dixie and Fishlake National Forests.

This planning process is being conducted on a parallel track with the development of Resource Management Plans (RMPs) for the newly designated 63,500-acre Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area (NCA) and the 45,000-acre Red Cliffs NCA, as well as Amendment of the St. George Field Office 1999 Resource Management Plan.

In addition, the BLM is planning to designate additional Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs) for the conservation of biological resources and natural communities.

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will be prepared to analyze the impacts related to all of the above. Public input is essential and the public is invited to:

-Provide route inventory data (e.g., maps, digital files, GPS data)
-Identify routes important for facilities access, recreation, commercial activities, etc.
-Identify areas where existing routes create impacts to sensitive natural and heritage resources,
-Identify routes that could be included in the High Desert Trail System
-Identify alternatives for the Northern Transportation Route

The public scoping period started on May 10, 2010, when the Notice of Intent was published in the Federal Register. Scoping comments will be accepted through July 19, 2010.

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