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Thread: Vanson Hot Weather Gear

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    Re: Vanson Hot Weather Gear

    In last month's issue, Motorcycle Cruiser did a full review of all the available hot weather textiles out there and arrived at the conclusion a new Vanson unit was the best of the best. While the flaw in the article was that they didn't attempt abrasion tests of any sort, it was an interesting piece nonetheless.

    Vanson Ventilator

    This hybrid, part leather part textile might be just the ticket for riders wanting a cooling jacket but who are put off by lighter models such as the JR Phoenix.

    And if you could care less about vented jackets or a cruiser rag, at least open the issue up to take in the gorgeous ass shot of the magazine's editor, Jamie Elvidge, on the first page of the review. What a fox she is.

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    Re: Vanson Hot Weather Gear

    The problem with these half leather half textile jackets is that they are a bitch to keep clean. The leather will clean easily enough but you can't throw it in the washer like an all textile jacket.

    It's almost impossible to get dried embedded bugs out of the material without washing it in a machine.

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    Re: Vanson Hot Weather Gear

    Looked at these long and hard at motoliberty. Opted for the Fieldsheer. There is no provision in these for a zip-in pant and they dont make a pant to go with them. The *armor is 'ok' but I would replace it with GP armor. Thats another 150 bucks on top of the ~250 cost. Vanson makes great stuff, this one is lacking in the feature area and cost more than it should without better armor.

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    Re: Vanson Hot Weather Gear

    Sorry Chain, I don't have anything worthwhile to offer regarding the gear.

    However, I do have a question.

    Did you give yourself a ticket for going over the double yellow?

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