ZERO60 riding gear
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Thread: ZERO60 riding gear

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    Re: ZERO60 riding gear

    I was browsing thru the zero60 catalog and they have some damn good looking gear and very reasonable prices. After comparing it to JR, Alpinestar, etc, Z60 uses the same thickness of leather and the stitching is very similar. Anyone out there using their gear?

    ZERO 60 Web Psge

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    Re: ZERO60 riding gear

    I bought a pair of the 'air mesh' pants about a year ago, but only wore them a few times. They're ok, but the padding is pretty minimal.

    I also have some Zero-60 'mesh' gloves that I wear in hot weather, I like them. They have good protection to be so cool.

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    Re: ZERO60 riding gear

    Hey Tank,

    A buddy of mine had a Zero-60 leather jacket on when he was hit by a truck and then lowsided at 50mph. He slid and tumbled a good 50ft on the asphalt. The jacket had some scuffing, but held up good, no broken seams or tears.


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    Re: ZERO60 riding gear

    I've never had the produce but it looks like an imatation of Joe Rocket. Check out AGV Sport! Wonderful product.

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