bombs needs lid!
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Thread: bombs needs lid!

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    Re: bombs needs lid!

    heres the deal, I have an AGV Q3 pro and I want to take out the liner and wash it...I would have to pry it out..can I do this and then velcro it back in??? (help) *also it has seen much better how safe will it hold up in the washing machine?!?! * next is that I had an AGV X-vent til the bad person took it with my bike...and I loved it. *but I cannot see spending that kinda coin again...what do you think??

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    Re: bombs needs lid!

    I would buy another helmet and forget about taking out the liner. I think you are asking for problems doing that.

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    Re: bombs needs lid!

    Fill up the bath, submerge the helmet in there and scrub it with a sponge with some soap. Rinse it out and let it air dry for a day or two.

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    Re: bombs needs lid!

    Do what booth said, I use shampoo (I figure if it's good enough for my head, then same goes for the helmet) and then rinse it out good and let it air dry.

    If you really want a new helmet, try an OGK I hear they are pretty good.

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    Re: bombs needs lid!

    booth23 : Fill up the bath, submerge the helmet in there and scrub it with a sponge with some soap. *Rinse it out and let it air dry for a day or two.
    then I heard that putting it in the freezer would take care of smells from being wet.

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    Re: bombs needs lid!

    I gotta agree with toe, booth and kickass... (hmm, sounds like fun on the weekend eh?)

    However figment...

    Look at where he's from geographically. Figment, you know I love you, but you don't know squat about -10F. However, I live where that is a balmy daytime temp, so I know something about freezers.

    SMTBs, stay out of the freezer. Take your lid into the little closet in the bathroom and turn on the water. I assume you know how to do that. Use any shampoo sitting around, but antidandruff stuff is not needed...well, maybe.

    Do not run directly to the freezer. Towel off, and go to the fridge for a beer. Let the helmet dry naturally. You could stuff a towel into the helmet for a few hours to help.

    Helpful hints...if you use a nice smelling shampoo, like the stuff your girl uses, it really smells nice the next time you put your helmet on. If you use the usual guy shampoo, i.e. Lava, it won't smell that nice.

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    Re: bombs needs lid!

    I think figment was issuing sarcastic humor

    I have a friend that subscribes to the 'fill the tub with water and shampoo and soak/scrub it, then dry it out..'. But I dont buy it because the adhesive that I assume would commit the membrane to sticking with the outer shell would not be watertight, and for good reason as it doesent need to be. Only the actual shell itself from the outside, and the face of the foam/carcass on the inside would need to resist water. Not actually be immersed in it, so no need for those mid-layer adhesives to be watertight, but for installation purposes and employee health - may be water soluble. Good for them, bad for us - if thats the case? ..again, just my thoughts, I could be very far off here.

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    Re: bombs needs lid!

    OR, if you wear AGV large, I have a nice, perfect, almost unused Large Bolt in white.

    Nice lid, no stink (worn and removed). If you think it will fit, make an offer and you're lid worries are over.

    It uses the same visor system as the X-Vents do, not the Aria style some cheap-o AGV's use.

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    Re: bombs needs lid!

    thanks guys, I will try to hose it out like a champ! *I will use the shampoo and see how that goes! *I miss my AGV X-vent, because that liner came out...thing is this q3 pro is a rossi replica, and I don't want to part with it. AS was my X-vent that was taken...can you tell I am still P.O.ED about that?

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