Helmet help!
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Thread: Helmet help!

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    Helmet help!

    So what is the best way to find out who are authorized dealers of different helmet companies. It seems all the shops around here carry HJC/Arai and thats about it. I would really like to be able to try on some different companies before I buy. So I am trying to figure out the best way to go about figuring out who carries Shoei, shark, etc...

    I am in Frederick, MD

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    Re: Helmet help!

    hmmmm, it's kind of hit or miss.. check out the companies website if you're not already familiar with your dealerships.... there are several large dealerships down here in nashville that carry everything.. once you figure out your size look up superbike supply or another online store for the best price... dealerships will rip you off..

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    Re: Helmet help!

    yea I plan on buying online, just want to try them all on in person first. Dont think I can get an online store to mail me 5 different models in 2 sizes each then let me ship back what i dont want for free

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    Re: Helmet help!

    sweet I just found a massive honda dealer that carries pretty much everything only 30mins away. I will have to try to check that out.

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