Shark question!
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Thread: Shark question!

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    Shark question!

    I am curious if anyone owns the Shark RSX and how it fits. Do the sizes run a little small/big or right on? What sorta head shape do you have and how do you like it?

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    Re: Shark question!

    I have an XL but wish I would have bought the Large instead. The chin straps don't have enough adjustment to take out all the slack, to compensate I have added a little extra padding to the top. Other than that I love it. It's quieter than all the other helmets I've had. It allows less wind in. The adjuster plates weren't set correctly when I bought it, on the way home every time I put my head down to glance at the speed-o my face shield would pop open but I made a little adjustment and it was fine.

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    Re: Shark question!

    hmmm Yea I am in that 60.5 range of big for a large small for an XL. Most helmets I have tried the Large feels incredibly too tight, but some XL feel a bit loose. Not sure if I should get an XL and get bigger pads, or a Large and smaller pads????

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    Re: Shark question!

    Before you think too hard about the large, the pads that come in the Sharks are already thin (roughly 3/16" on top) so if your thinking of going thinner it's probably going to get uncomfortable on the top of your head. Like a Sponge Bob bicycle helmet, no padding just styerfoam.

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