Motorcycle shoes/boots
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Thread: Motorcycle shoes/boots

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    Motorcycle shoes/boots

    ok, i can't find a site that has any decent reviews of boots/shoes...i have recently purchased a couple of different brands of gear (frank miller, alpinestar).

    At first both of these boots were great but after less than one month of wear they are falling apart on me. The Millers are awesome looking and very sleek but started to rip and tear from the sole to the strap in less than 2 weeks. The stars (octanes) have started to tear at the sole.

    I guess my only frustration is that i have spent over $200 american on this stuff.

    Anyone have any suggestions about low heel riding boots?

    Any feed back would be great. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Motorcycle shoes/boots

    I like my Icon chukkas.

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    Re: Motorcycle shoes/boots

    I have a pair of alpinestar supertechs that I've had for about 6 years, sole is still good. Many of the race-oriented boots have softer soles for better peg feel, and the downside is that they wear out quickly. Check out sportbiketrackgear, they do gear reviews.

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    Re: Motorcycle shoes/boots

    I have a pair of SIDI B2s that I got a year ago. While I've yet to make it to the track, they are great for just riding my bike in and give a higher level of security than I had with hiking boots.
    I chose SIDIs due to my long experience with their cycling shoes...both on and off road. The fit is snug (which I prefer) and over time "molds" to my foot. The quality is exceptional. The only negative...a squeak sometimes where the plastic rubs while walking. A little talcum powder takes care of that.
    Two enthusiastic thumbs up for these boots!


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    Re: Motorcycle shoes/boots

    Sidi Vertigo...$275 of the best dollars I have spent on gear.

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    Re: Motorcycle shoes/boots

    thanks guys...i did get ahold of an alpinestars rep and he is going to set me up...pretty decent customer service.

    On a side note if you are looking for a summer jacket don't waste you money on joe rocket stuff. It doesn't have a well design shoulder. While riding the wind would whip through the shoulders creating some kind of flutter that would bounce off my helmet causing a horrible vibration...almost crashed try to figure out what the hell that was!!!!

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    Re: Motorcycle shoes/boots

    Sidi Vertigo Corsa is the only way to fly... Bit more expensive than the plan Sidi Vertigo but with all the extras you get on them they are worth every cent....IMHO of course.

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    Re: Motorcycle shoes/boots

    thanks...i will check them out

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    Re: Motorcycle shoes/boots

    Give the A* SMX-4 a look too.

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    Re: Motorcycle shoes/boots

    just bought some Astar SMX-4 boots. Comfy boot, not bad to walk in, only used about 4 times so no issues yet. If you are looking at getting some they are sized big, I usually wear 9.5 10 shoes had to buy size 8 in the boots.

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    Re: Motorcycle shoes/boots

    what i really need are low heeled boots that i can wear for riding and then jump off and wear all day at work. perhaps good "all day" boots are just not available. I hate changing shoes at work(just doesn't look professional have shoes lying around your

    i have to tell you the astar octanes are the coolest that i own but the quality doesn't last.

    I did see that ::sidi:: has some all days available but not in the u.s.

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