Tall pants...?
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Thread: Tall pants...?

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    Tall pants...?

    So, I've been doing some shopping around for when I redeploy, and I'm kind of at a loss for pants! I'm 6'2", with a 33/33 waist/inseam. Everything that's near long enough has a 38-40 inch waist...which kind of defeats the purpose. Are there any tall riders out there with suggestions? Or maybe even an idea for a custom shop that'd be able to accomodate?

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    Re: Tall pants...?

    Big & Tall maybe?

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    Re: Tall pants...?

    What kind of pants are we talking about? Riding pants? There's a number of companies out there that offer overpants in tall sizes. I know Joe Rocket makes a set of their textile overpants in tall sizes. I can't remember if it's the Phoenix or the Alter Ego; one of them they make in short sizes and the other in tall sizes. Also, I know Cortech is making those riding jeans of there's in tall sizes, and Red Route makes their riding jeans in tall sizes as well. All I can think of, off the top of my head.

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    Re: Tall pants...?

    Aha...sorry, I didn't look at that before I posted it. You're all supposed to know what I'm thinking about. Leathers! I'm looking for either half a 2-piece, or just leather riding pants. My buddy recently dropped his 600RR on leave, in jeans. Sent some pictures, since he couldn't come back out. Frankly, jeans just aren't for me anymore when I ride.

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    Re: Tall pants...?

    Kushitani size XL. I am 6'4" and 85kg and they fit like a glove (and they are a 1 piece).

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