Removing Old Grips
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Thread: Removing Old Grips

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    Removing Old Grips

    Just ordered some gel grips for my 08 cbr1000 and was wondering if there is a trick to making the removal of the existing grips easier ?? If anyone can offer any advice, please let me know. Thanks.

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    Re: Removing Old Grips

    If you don't ever think you'll use them again, you can cut them off. What I do to remove and install new ones is to take a long, skinny screwdriver and carefully insert it between the bar and grip. Then I take a can of contact cleaner with straw attached and squirt just a bit up there. Then I wiggle it off, or on. You may want to test it on the grip first to make sure it won't melt it. I used something by accident once that melted the grip, but I can't remember what.

    I've also heard compressed air works well.

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    Re: Removing Old Grips

    i just cut mine off also...they are crap and thats why i replaced them anyways

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