Marushin Helmet
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Thread: Marushin Helmet

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    Marushin Helmet

    Has any body have a Marushin Helmets, I would just like to know what the feedback is on these helmets. I have fitted one of them and almost every other helmet and spoke to a lot of people with regards to different helmets but have only been able to speak to one person about the Marushin helmets so would just like some more input on this.

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    Re: Marushin Helmet

    I used Phantom Tiger limited model for a long time, IMAO marushins have most beautiful graphics that Ive ever seen. I have 2-3 friends more using the same brand diff models. But this is the only pro. thing that I can tell for this helmets

    It has large shell, prepare for to be a NASA guy.

    The inlay padding is poor, chinstrap unlocks by itself randomly, front chin ventilation grill is lost from third week. it was very noisy helmet, prepare for whistles from shield area. I dont have any crash or hit with it but friend of mine's one was brand new fell down by accidently and it cracked

    At last, I dont recommend it. I would go for well-known brands....

    Ps: If anybody want, I can take the photo of cracked helmet...

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