Pics of Gear
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Thread: Pics of Gear

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    Pics of Gear

    Lets see what everyone rides with.. Pics of what gear you use....I''ll start
    Arai RX7-RR4 Helmet
    Honda Racing Leather Jacket
    Coretech HDX Leather/Textile Gloves
    Finally Thor 50/50 Boots..Designed for off road and on road...

    No pants just yet.. Plan to get some in the near future... like next riding season....
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    Re: Pics of Gear

    I did have three sets of nice gloves... But a very special fox came and re-mastered the number of fingers I had.

    IMO gear is gear, as long as it protects you when you go down then its good

    I should be able to get some new stuff as a result of my gear getting battle scars from the crash I had. Will update you on the new stock.

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    Re: Pics of Gear

    Btw, have you sprayed your helmet? Or is that how they come?

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    Re: Pics of Gear

    Ya I sprayed my helmet =)

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    Re: Pics of Gear

    Did you have to use some form of special primer or spray?

    I was told adding stickers weakens the shell of the helmet, I would have thought spraying it would have the same affect

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    Re: Pics of Gear

    I like that Thor Boot, Nice.
    But I rock a Joe Rocket Boot, Shoe Helmet and HG elbow guard / Protector.

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