Anyone have opinions on Syko helmets? $46 brand new
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Thread: Anyone have opinions on Syko helmets? $46 brand new

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    Anyone have opinions on Syko helmets? $46 brand new

    So the local motorcycle shop has brand new Syko Yakuza helmets for $46, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with them. Yadda yadda yadda, buy a $46 helmet if you have a $46 head...anyways, I was thinking of picking one up and using it as a spare or loaner helmet, and also to preserve my Arai. I just don't know if it is going to fall apart on me. Anyone bought these? Thanks.

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    Re: Anyone have opinions on Syko helmets? $46 brand new

    I wear an 80 dollar HJC. 6 moths later the paint has minor pealing.... Will it protect my head? You bet your ass it will. I think for the most part you pay for ergonomics and paint. If it is DOT approved you are good to go.

    If it "helps" keeping from splattering your brains on the pavement it's a good helmet.

    IF IT IS DOT approved.... it is good to go.

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    Re: Anyone have opinions on Syko helmets? $46 brand new

    Oh yeah, they ARE DOT approved. I wouldn't buy a helmet that wasn't. I would say that I would like if the helmet were Snell approved too...but for $46. I found the link to the one I am talking about, the Yakuza. SYKO Helmets

    It really isn't a bad looking helmet at all. The MSRP is $89, and Cycle Parts West has it for $46.

    I think you have a point on paying more for the graphics and ergonomics. I do not think that the Shoei or Arai is that much more safe than an HJC in a crash. The difference is (from owning an Arai) is that it is such a comfortable helmet. Nice padding. Good quality materials, low wind noise, all that stuff. It is hard to get the same level of bells and whistles on such a low cost helmet. And if you go from a Shoei or Arai, to a cheaper helmet, you can feel it.

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