Fieldsheer Mach 1
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Thread: Fieldsheer Mach 1

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    Re: Fieldsheer Mach 1

    Daaaaayyyyyyyuuuummmmmmmmm!!!! That's all I can say regarding the Mach 1 armor and quality.

    100x's better than the Phoenix and just about the same price.

    I can't believe how strong that armor is and even the material is higher quality. JR is POO POO compared to this!! lol The liner that comes with it even has its own zippable pockets. I have to go for a ride to try it out!!

    Uh yeah BTW, my jacket came in today from Brockton Cycle.
    (they even included a current copy of roadracerX magazine )

    Happy Dance!

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    Re: Fieldsheer Mach 1

    Man, I love it when ladies get that excited over Motorcycle stuff!!!

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    Re: Fieldsheer Mach 1

    couldnt agree more alexandra.....I have the Mach 2 and I love it. The only diff between the two is the mach 2 has leather panels all over it.....I feel very secure in the jacket....10x's more than I felt in my J.R.

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    Re: Fieldsheer Mach 1

    dammit - I hate it when people beat about the bush. Say what you really feel!

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